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"We're a dream a baby's having."

"Time is music the planets make."
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Assassin by Gabz



Huang Guofu lost his arms in an electrical accident at the age of four, but never became discouraged. Instead, he pursued his dreams by painting with his feet.

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Nine well known video game hats get removed and slammed down into Ryan Mauskopf’s shirt design. On sale now for $20 at BustedTees.

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Video Game Hats by Ryan Mauskopf (Tumblr) (deviantART) (Twitter)

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The Evolutionary Biology of Hyrule - The Great Deku Tree of Life

Well it’s been almost 3 years since LA-based production company iam8bit put on one of their legendary eponymous video game themed art shows, but the wait is almost over! SUPER iam8bit opens to the general public tomorrow night at the recently renovated iam8bit headquarters located in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

For my contribution to the show, I created Magna Arbor Vitae Deku (translated “The Great Deku Tree of Life”) a sprawling exploration of the evolutionary biology of the 200 most important species from the Legend of Zelda video game series. Complete with binomial Latin names (Zora Bellator and Zora Fluvialis share a common ancestor with the more peaceful species Zora Sapien, for example), the branches of the Deku tree trace the evolution of each species over millions of years. Forks in the branches indicate an extinct common ancestor of the species that follow.

SUPER iam8bit
Opening reception August 11, 2011 7pm–11pm
2147 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Now available as a 30″ x 40″ poster here USD$65.00



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man i can finally go pee now i’ve had to pee for like two hours but i wouldn’t let myself go until i was done

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